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Heartbleed is giving me heartburn

Heartbleed Heartburn

HeartbleedBy now, you have probably heard of the Heartbleed bug. I won’t go into all the details, except to say it is a big deal and you need to change your website passwords, but not until after a suspect website has fixed the problem on their servers. Here are some valuable links to learn more about how to survive Heartbleed.

First, how to check to see if a particular website you frequent is vulnerable.

HeartBleed Test:
(as of this posting, this tool is being utilized over 7,000 times per minute)

Next, how to protect yourself against unprotected websites. (Sorry, Firefox and Chrome only. There doesn’t seem to be an offering for IE.)

Google Chrome Browser Extension, Chromebleed:

Firefox Extension, FoxBleed:

What are the odds of this negatively impacting you in some way? Pretty low. But if it happens to you, the odds of major pain and discomfort is pretty much 100%. A word to the wise.


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