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Social Media – Columbus Ohio

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Social media (especially Facebook and Twitter) are great tools for enhancing your Columbus Ohio (or wherever) online influence. Whether you are a doctors office or a retail store, you need a Facebook business page. Here are just some of the reasons for having a Facebook business page:

  • It is low cost and actually, except for your time, it’s free.
  • It is highly interactive and you will engage others by what you share.
  • It encourages feedback, allowing your customers, constituents, and visitors to easliy talk to you.
  • It is great for building long-term business relationships and mutual trust.
  • It can drive more people to your website.
  • Search engines will like and index your Facebook business page.
  • Because many people can Like your page, it will expand your online influence.

Twitter, on the other hand, is a different kind of tool and more about pushing out 140 character bits of all sorts of helpful (and searchable) information. Here are some benefits to using Twitter for your business or organization:

  • It is a fast way to get information out (Tweeting).
  • The 140 character limit allows for communicating via small, remember-able, and sharable bits of information with others (Re-Tweeting).
  • People can follow you and your Tweets very easily.
  • You can easily share tips or snippets of timely information.
  • Some people don’t like Facebook, but will use Twitter. Be where the people are.

Whichever you choose (and you can choose both), you won’t go wrong and we’re happy to help you get up to speed with social media.

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